Miscellaneous work

Below is a slide show of tasks undertaken that are not part of the core task of the CE Project which is the day to day management and running of the Day Care Centre.  Including renovation of outside garden seats, felling of hedges, repair of broken roof slates, putting up guttering at Coop Museum, weeding and shaping shrubs at Social Housing with  some of these tasks we were helped by the TUS participant Mike Walsh.   We are very grateful for Mike’s assistance and the cooperation of his supervisor, Mike Moloney.

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We have provided training and work experience for Hazelwood College Students, Kilmeedy LTI Carer’s Course, Extern, and many other organisations.

As part of the remit of Dromcollogher CE Project we provide support to local Community Organisations especially Dromcollogher Respite Care Centre which we assist annually with promotion including the erecting (and taking down) of hoardings  advertising the May Fair and typesetting, production and printing of the May Fair Brochure.

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