COVID19 protocols, procedures and docs.

Prior to returning to work each participant has to fill in and return, at least three days in advance, a Pre return form.

Then each participant has to undergo an induction (here’s a link to it), this video gives an overview of what is expected.

Each participant is to fill out a contact log keeping a record of all the people they meet inside and outside of work. This is in case of contact tracing needs to be done in the future.

The participants are to nominate a “lead worker”.  The purpose of this role is to work collaboratively with the employer to assist in the implementation of measures and monitor adherence to the measures to prevent the spread of COVID -19. The person(s) undertaking the role must receive the necessary training and have a structured framework to follow within the organisation to be effective in preventing the spread of the virus together with the management team. The person(s) should be clearly identifiable in the workplace. The lead worker representative(s) appointed should also be involved in communicating the health advice around COVID-19 in the workplace.

Here is summary of  worker protocols taken from the Government guidelines.

The employer  has to have a COVID19 Response Plan.

The employer has to have a Structured framework to follow for potential COVID-19 infections and how to deal with this situation.

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