Shopping list

For the time being all shopping will be done in O’Connors, if they don’t have it, will try substituting.  They deliver and they are local.

Item Day Quantity Cost Total price
Pork chops Tu 1 per person
Onions We, Th
Carrots We, Th
Pudding rice Tu
Milk Tu, Th
Butter Everyday
Apples Th
P. flour Tu
Custard power We, Th
Oxtail soup Th
Beef stock Tu
Dried parsley We, Th
Salt Everyday
Pepper Everyday
Sugar (Caster) Tu
Peaches Tu
Pears Tu
Jelly Tu
Trifle sponges Tu
Potatoes Everyday
Stewing beef Th
Bacon Tu
Cabbage Tu
Peas Fr
Corn Fr
Vegetable oil Everyday
Vegetable stock cubes Everyday
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