Day Care Centre administration info

The following information is being put up online to ensure it is available even when there isn’t administrative staff to provide it.




Record of weekly expenditure and income


And transport walk round sheet


Induction – found at

Recipes for Day Care


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thanks for the memories

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Reasons to keep a CE Project in Dromcollogher

The Case for CE Project in Dromcollogher


* For every euro spent on supporting volunteers there is a five euro returns to the economy(1)
* We are employ people who would otherwise be requiring dole payments
* The Day Care Centre which we staff purchase € 60,000 comestibles annually
* The Centre last year spend money building an extension providing valuable income to people working in the construction industry
* The Project spend € 15,000 per annum on materials
* The visitors to the Day Care Centre use local shops including Post Office and Credit Union
* We purchase locally as much as possible according to an English study £ 10 spent locally generates £ 25 for the locally economy(2)
* The Participants as they are on low incomes spend money whereas high earners tend to save money, thereby taking their money out of the economy
* If the Day Care service closes this would mean there would be a greater strain on services for the elderly been presently provided by the HSE, plus it is policy of the HSE to maintain people at home as long as possible. These in turn would create a greater cost to the HSE/state.


* Caring for elderly including showers, massage, supported trips to doctors, chiropody etc..
* Catering, tea/coffee with refreshments, and lunches, with “meals on wheels” for local residences
* Support for individuals and local groups, eg referrences & cv’s and complying & printing of brochures for fundraising events.
* Tours of National Coopertative Museum and provision of historical information both via website and facebook
* We have and are hoping to provide staff for Tidy Towns, GAA, Preschool, Community Hall and Chruch/graveyard maintenance

More information available at –
or email- –
tel. 087 2171089

1 – EU report for 2011 Year of Volunteer
2 – Burnham-on-Sea website

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Tidy Towns/Environmental Work

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Above is a slide show of Tidy Towns work undertaken by FAS (now DSP) Scheme in Dromcollogher back in the late 90’s.  Regrettably by early 00’s the FAS Project was suffering cutbacks and there was insufficient staff to continue the tidy towns element, bar cutting of the grass in the square which the Project has been doing fairly consistently since 1996.

Some photos show flowers in the square and in 1996-1999 flowers were planted in the square.  However, the flowers regrettably got severely damaged during the Carnival and it was difficult to ensure flowers in the square for the entire summer period.  Unfortunately also  over the last ten years we have lost three trees due to irreparable damage-two flowering cherries and a flowering hawthorn.

In the centre of the square is an English Oak planted by Ted Cooke and students from Hazelwood College to mark the Millennium.

Work was done to address the litter problem especially with the local schools and with An tIonad Glas Students (the Organics) support and assisted by Limerick County Council litter wardens Eamonn Dalton & Joe O’Shea.  For 5 years the area participated in An Taisce’s National Spring Clean including poster campaigns and talks in local schools looking at ways of changing peoples attitudes to litter.

Today, the recently established dynamic Dromcollogher Environmental Group is reviewing the Tidy Towns situation and looking to find ways of improving the look of the area. They also have set up a wordpress site and more information can be found there at

The most recent Tidy Towns report: 2012 County Limerick Dromcollogher 932

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